New   litter

Here you can find an up-to-date information for our litters. You can select your future pet and to find out detailed information.

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Planned   litters

Our future selection plans. The planned litters aim at the best selection of parents. With this we ensure the durable and beautiful generation in our kennel.

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In our daily walks our dogs often times cause furor among the crowd. All people enjoy them, especially the children. The pictures of our pets in the role of ambassadors of the breed.



Multiple participations at Cynology exhibitions of dogs from our kennel. Our many championship titles testify for their flawless breeding qualities.


ImageGen.ashx2_-100x75ART MEDIA

Brief portfolio of the participations in movies, photo sessions, TV shows, fashion shows and other activities related to the promotion of this attractive breed.



Captured fun moments of our everyday life.

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Why to take a puppy from us?


The breeding of healthy dogs is a priority of our kennel. Our puppies are fully attended by the veterinary clinic when they arrive in their new homes.


Our puppies are in perfect exterior within the breeding standard. Our puppies are with characteristics of dogs Show class.


Our puppies are loyal friends to all family members. They build a strong relationship for life with their new owners.

Who are we?

The kennel Black Sea Wolfdog is officially registered at FCI on 13.02.2012 under identification number 09/2012.

It belongs to a Club of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog in the Bulgarian Republican Federation Of Cynology ( BRFK).

The kennel have a licensed transport for longer distances approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Bulgaria. With it is ensured the comfort of us and our dogs when traveling for participation in international cynology exhibitions.

All of our dogs are with pedigrees of FCI. The dogs admitted to breeding necessarily meet the regulations of the FCI and the club of the breed for breeding activity.

We from the kennel are fully committed to our pets. In details we know their characters, and they are an integral part of our everyday life and family.